Skipper Solutions

Delivery Services

Skipper Solutions aims to provide a professional service where the owner is completely confident that their vessel is in safe, experienced and qualified hands and will be delivered in excellent condition.

Below is a step-by-step description of how our service would usually progress:

On initial enquiry Skipper Solutions will supply an estimate of cost and our availability.

Quotes are based on wages, captain/crew flights and food plus on-board expenses (diesel, drinking water, port duties, etc).

Before delivery can commence, Skipper Solutions must inspect the vessel to ascertain it's seaworthiness. The inspection will usually take a day and costs NZ$220 plus travel costs if over 100km from Auckland, NZ. If the inspection results in delivery going ahead then the inspection fee will be waived.

Skipper Solutions will supply a copy of the inspection report, which in itself is very useful for owners whether the delivery goes ahead or not. The report may include digital photographs of any areas that require work.

If any work is required, Skipper Solutions can provide a quote for any repairs and parts that are necessary.

At this stage Skipper Solutions will require you sign the supplied contract and a 50% deposit will need to be paid to secure a time slot for your delivery. (Payments should be made by direct bank transfer or cash.)

Skipper Solutions will then prepare your vessel for departure and finalise crew and provisioning etc.

Delivery will be undertaken as near as possible to the agreed departure date, weather permitting.

The vessel’s position can be reported daily to a shore station or to you directly, so that you are kept up to date with progress.

On arrival at destination the vessel will be docked securely and cleaned. All clearance procedures will be undertaken.

Once the vessel is secure in port you must make your final payment and your vessel will be handed over to you or a person designated by you.